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Kunstdarmen voor Frankfurters en Wieners DYPLEX-Mini

Artikelcode: P1007882

DYPLEX-Mini is a multilayer small caliber sausage casing with dynamic permeability.

The WVTR and OTR of the DYPLEX-Mini casing:

• significantly increase (to the level of permeable casings at temperatures higher than 60 °?),
• sharply fall (to the level of barrier casings) at temperatures from 0 to 6 °?.

The DYPLEX-Mini casing combines dynamic permeability and small caliber, which makes it possible to produce small-portion products of a fixed weight (from 25 to 150 g) with the smoked taste and flavor, and extended shelf life (30 days).

Advantages of the DYPLEX-Mini casing

The DYPLEX-Mini casing is designed for use on automatic frankfurter lines with stuffers/linkers and clippers.

High permeability to gases and water vapor at the temperatures of thermal processing of meat and sausage products (60-75 °?) makes it possible to achieve products with traditional sensory characteristics.

Low permeability to oxygen and water vapor at the temperatures of storage of sausage products (0...+6 °?) provides for:

• zero losses during the storage of meat and sausage products;
• microbilogical stability of the products during the storage;
• retardation of the oxydative processes that lead to rancidification of fats and change of the meat product’s natural color;
• excellent selling appearance of the finished products (no “wrinkles”) throughout the shelf life.

Assortment of the DYPLEX-Mini casing

Standard shirring parameters for the DYPLEX-Mini casing

Type R - Hard with an open end.

Type A - Hard with a closed end

Calibers, mm: 18-32

Colors: smoke, clear, light smoke and others. Bespoke color are available.

Printing: 1-sided and 2-sided; multi-color; full color.

Forms of supply: Shirred sticks

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)