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Kunstdarmen voor Frankfurters en Wieners iPeel-Chereva

Artikelcode: P1007878


For traditional wieners!

Wieners in the iPeel-Chereva casing look the same as in a natural casing.

iPeel-Chereva is a matt plastic casing with high permeability to process smoke which allows the production of food with traditional sensory characteristics typical of the products in natural, collagen and cellulose casings.

iPeel-Chereva is designed for production, transportation, storage and sale of traditional wieners, speckwurst, mini-sausages


- Easy peeling off the product
- Absence of nacre
- High mechanical strength and heat resistance significantly extend the temperature range of utilization of the casing in comparison with collagen and cellulose casings.
- High permeability contributes to formation of a dense coagulated protein crust and gives the traditional smoked taste and flavour to products.
- Microbiological resistance
- Optimal oxygen and water vapour transmission rate compared with collagen and cellulose casings at the finished product storage temperatures (+2…+6 ºC) provide for the following advantages:

• reduction of oxidation processes in the finished products,
• better preservation of the smoked flavour in the finished products,
• reduced weight losses (≈ 2 – 5%) during the storage,
• retardation of the process of syneresis (liquid separation) in the finished product inside the vacuum packaging (≈ by 1.5 – 2 times).

Colours: clear, light smoke, smoke, orange, dark orange.


Printing on the iPeel-Chereva casing is substantially free of limitations. You can use all existing range of possibilities for modern marking of your products.

Printing on the iPeel-Chereva casing solves two problems at once:

1. Branding. The degree of identification of your products by buyers is dramatically improved.

2. Convenience of production. Separation of products by items during the production is facilitated.

Available types of printing: Single or double-sided printing is possible on the casing. The number of print colours is from 0+6 to 6+6.

Calibers : 30, 32, 34, 36 mm.

Form of supply: The iPeel-Chereva casing is supplied shirred and packaged under vacuum in accordance with the requirements of international standards.

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)