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Barrière Darmen voor Worst Amitan Economy

Artikelcode: P1007876

AMITAN Economy is a glossy casing with medium barrier characteristics in relation to water vapor and oxygen.

The casing is recommended for:

• products with a short shelf life (the recommended shelf life is 20 days);
• frozen products (batter, ice-cream, butter, etc.);
• products in secondary packaging sold as whole chubs or sliced.

Assortment of the AMITAN Economy casing

Calibers, mm: 32-80

Colors: Clear, brown, white, cream, red, gold, yellow. Bespoke colors are available.

Printing: 1-sided and 2-sided; multi-color; full color. Printing is made with solvent inks.

Forms of supply: in rolls; in shirred sticks.

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)