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Barrière Darmen voor Worst Amiline Elite

Artikelcode: P1007875

AMILINE Elite is a general-purpose multilayer casing with a high performance and excellent barrier properties, that contains the copolymer of ethylene and vinyl alcohol (EVOH).

Based on the data of the WVTR and OTR of the AMILINE Elite casing, the recommended shelf life of the cooked sausages made by the traditional thermal processing methods (pasteurization) can be extended to 90 days. The recommended shelf life of spreads manufactured in the AMILINE Elite casing at the storage temperature between 0 and 6 °? is 70 days, subject to compliance with safety requirements and the availability of appropriate hygienic conditions at the production site.

The AMILINE Elite casing is suitable for molding, thermal processing, and extended storage of practically all types of products not subjected to smoking, such as cooked, liver and blood sausages and spreads, as well as products with a high content of moisture (soups, sauces, jellies, etc.).

• Mechanical strength
• High barrier to gases and water vapor
• Long-lasting preservation of the flavor and freshness of products
• Size consistency
• Attractive appearance

Versions of the AMILINE Elite casing:
AMILINE Elite – the recommended percentage of overstuffing relative to the nominal caliber is 12-15%.
AMILINE Elite-K – the recommended percentage of overstuffing relative to the nominal caliber is 4-6%.

Calibers: 29–120 mm

Operating temperature range: From – 18 °? to 100 °?.

Vapor transmission rate: g/m2x24 hrs, no more than 16.

Oxygen transmission rate: ?m3/m2x24 hrs, no more than 10.

Printing: Multi-colour, CMYK with the use of UV-cured inks and volatile solvent-based inks.

Form of supply: Rolls and shirred sticks.
Optional pre-soaking (R2U) is available for shirred casings.

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)