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Barrière Darmen voor Worst Extraflex

Artikelcode: P1007874

EXTRAFLEX is a multilayer barrier casing.

The EXTRAFLEX casings differ from other multilayer barrier casings by their striking appearance imitating the texture of viscose-reinforced casings, which may serve as a distinctive feature of a whole class of sausages, and create a corporate style.

EXTRAFLEX-Ko is a ring-shaped version of the EXTRAFLEX casing.

The EXTRAFLEX casing is intended, above all, for retail trade products sold as whole chubs or sliced.


Controlled spiral peelability. The EXTRAFLEX casing is distinguished by controlled (spiral) peelability. It allows slicing sausage chubs at any angle and with any thickness of the slice without spoiling the outfit of the product.

Mechanical strength of the EXTRAFLEX casing makes it possible to mold ball-shaped chubs with the use of high-capacity automatic and semi-automatic clippers at high production rates.

Low permeability to oxygen and water vapor is ensured by a precisely selected combination of polymers and provides for the following advantages of the EXTRAFLEX casing:

• zero losses during the thermal processing and storage of meat and sausage products;

• microbiological stability of the products during storage;

• retardation of the oxidation processes that cause rancidification of fats and changes in the natural color of the meat product;

• excellent selling appearance (no “wrinkles”) of the finished products throughout the shelf life.

Physiological safety – the EXTRAFLEX casing is impervious to microbiological degradation, because the materials used for their production are inert to the action of bacteria and mold fungi. This facilitates storage of the casing and improves the hygienic characteristics of both the casing itself, and of the sausage production.


Calibers, mm

32-120 – EXTRAFLEX

32-51 – EXTRAFLEX-Ko

Colors: Clear, salmon, gold, brown, cherry, red, black and others. Bespoke colors are available.

Printing: 1-sided and 2-sided; multi-color; full color. Printing is made with solvent inks.

Forms of supply: in rolls; in shirred sticks.

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)