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Barrière Darmen voor Worst AMITEX RONDO 1

Artikelcode: P1007872

AMITEX Rondo 1 casing is supplied in several specialized types differing in the appearance, and designed for production of various types of sausages.

These casings differ, above all, in their surface structure. The decorative effect is achieved not through printing, but by modifying the texture of one of the casing layers. Despite the functional similarity, the different types of the AMITEX Rondo 1 casing are designed for various types of sausage products.

Advantages of the AMITEX Rondo 1:

• high mechanical strength;

• elasticity;

• low permeability to oxygen and water vapor;

• no microbiological damage.

• The legitimate shelf life of sausage products in the AMITEX Rondo casings is 60 days.

AMITEX Rondo 1 casing is developed for production of traditional boiled sausages – mortadelas.

Noble matt surface of AMITEX Rondo 1 casing, slightly rough, is imitating an appearance of “fibrous” casings.

«Reinforcing» properties of textured outer layer of the casing prevents longitudinal rupture of the casing during the cutting of the sausage.

Casing colors : Gold, dark-gold, light-gold, bronze, silver, pink, red, crimson, bordeaux (wine red), orange, yellow, cream, beige, brown, dark-brown, black, white, clear.

Printing: One color, Multicolored, Full color, UV, UV-CMYK

Supply : The casing is supplying in rolled form (on spool) or shirred.

AMITEX Rondo 1 is a casing with a noble opaque roughish surface. Its quietly natural look is ideal for the traditional boiled sausage products made to GOST. A classical sausage should have a classical casing.

€1,00 per eenheid; €1,00 per doos (ex BTW)