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The Bonpack Timer™


The Bonpack Timer™ is a precise judge of when poultry, meat or fish is done. It eliminates guesswork by sensing the internal temperature of the product. The Bonpack Timer™ ensures a perfectly cooked meal each and every time.

The Bonpack Timer™ provides many features that will benefit both the food service and home consumer:

Accurate Temperature Measurement: Each Bonpack Timer™ is set to activate at a precise temperature ranging from 144° to 203° F. There are a variety of models designed for specific types, cuts, and weights of meat. So even beginners can prepare meat and poultry to perfection.

Improves Food Safety: Because the timer accurately determines the ideal temperature for cooking and serving meats and poultry, factors like inaccurate ovens, variations in barometric pressure, or irregular cuts of meat do not effect the timer's performance.

Microwave Compatible: The Bonpack Timer™ works in conventional, convection, microwave and rotisserie ovens.

Easy to Insert: The Timer is easy to insert into any product. It adds value to meat products and ensures repeat sales and customer satisfaction.

Bonpack Sensor™

The Bonpack Sensor™ is the latest innovation of Bonpack International which gives the largest scale production lines the most sensitive sensor on the market. These sensors are specially made for beefsteak, salmon and chicken.


The Cook'd Right Sensor™


The Cook'd Right Sensor™ is the fastest, easiest way to tell when meats, poultry or fish have reached their optimum level of doneness. Using patented thermochromic technology, Cook'd Right Sensors™ produce a vivid color change that indicates the precise internal temperature of the product.

Easy to Use: Just insert the sensor into the thickest part of the meat and wait 15 seconds. A color change in the tip means the product is done. The Cook'd Right Sensors™ are designed for use in any type of meat or poultry.

One Step Process: No need to worry about improperly calibrated thermometers.

Economical: The Cook'd Right Sensor™ reduces waste. No more customer returns because of overcooked or undercooked meat. Cooks of any experience level can use the disposable sensors.

Improves Food Safety: The sensor is not affected by factors like inaccurate ovens, variations in barometric pressure, or irregular cuts of meat. Once the sensor's tip completely changes color, there is no need to worry about undercooked meat.

For baked, boiled, fried, grilled, or rotisseried products.

Eliminates the guesswork of 'is it done?'

Product will be cooked to perfection and to food safety standards.

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